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I am a professional animator with 6+ years experience working primarily in 2D animation. 


Additionally, I also work in the mediums of practical animation, illustration, videography and digital graphics.

My expanding list of notable clients includes the likes of Tom Walker, Pet Shop Boys, Def Leppard, Daily Mail, Steve Martin, You Me At Six, Matt Simons and many more. As well as lyric & music videos, I also produce animated content for short films, social media visuals, logos, projection mapping and live events, which previously included Capital’s Summertime and Jingle Bell Ball & Light Up Horsham projection light show.

I graduated at University for the Creative Arts in 2017 with a 2:1 animation BA. 



"Thanks so much! Everyone absolutely loves the video, including Callum (Lacey)!

Would highly recommend and definitely using you again"

Never Let You Go | Sim Anand | Snapper Music Ltd

“This looks amazing, such a slick video - honestly gives me feels!

It's perfect mate and thank you so much for your attention to detail,

we really appreciate it - all the effort you've put in across both videos.”

I'm Alive | Jan-Erik Barnegren | Maggie Cassidy

“This video is so rad, looks absolutely sick! smashed it!! We all love it”

Just To Know | Jan-Erik Barnegren | Maggie Cassidy

“Matt (Entecott) absolutely BLEW me away with the video”

Just To Know | Tom Macdonald-Grute | Maggie Cassidy

“This is amazing! I am blown away, crazy.

It gives the message of the song perfectly, it’s the way I imagined it!”

Atmosphere | Szarr

"I absolutely LOVE this! Honestly better than I could have ever expected... Thank you so much"

The House We Lived In | Lotte Van Den Berg | Luna Pines

"Everything is superb, I appreciate your hard working mindset man.

You should be proud for what you've accomplished there"

Heart for Two | Juno Ray

"You've captured the essence beautifully! well done"

Heart for Two | Stephen James

“Amazing! Beautiful!!! Really great work! The vid is great and perfect” 

I Killed The Bees | Hayley Harland | TYGERMYLK

"This is beautiful and perfect for what I want. Thank you so much!" 

That's Love For You | Jill Marie Cooper

"Thanks so much man, very pleased. Really appreciate your work, great job!" 

All of Me | Matt Kane

"Love it man! Proper good job there, can't thank you enough.

You are very talented bro, you will be my animator for all my stuff from now on"

Roll The Dice | Ben Crosby | JAMO 

"THAT is f*****g epppppic. Looks flawless!!"

Dopamine | Morale

"Thanks a million for everything, it looks great! You're a star!"

After The Landslide (Remix) | Danielle Natte | Traverso Management 

"You star, thank you very much for all your hard work on this years STB,

your work was great, greatly appreciated"

Summertime Ball 2019 | Marcus Viner | MVP Films Ltd 

"Many thanks! Matt (Simons) really really loves it"

Dust | Danielle Natte | Traverso Management 

"Looks great!! This is what I envisioned!!"

Make You Mine | Lorena Andrea

"It's actually perfect. Well done Matt (Entecott), you've killed it mate"

Hybrid Beats | Will Vergano (General Manager) | The Volks

"Mr. (Steve) Martin is very pleased with your beautiful work!

He says “THIS IS GREAT! Send my compliment, thanks so much”"

California | Nia Andrews | Concord



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